Some people collect stamps, I collect hobbies.

About me

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant, and Certified Information Technology Professional living in Winnipeg, Manitoba with experience designing and building data warehouses, applying business intelligence, and performing financial analysis. I excel at transforming data into meaningful reports and actionable insights.

Outside of work my interests include creative pursuits such as photography, electronics, and web design. I also enjoy getting outdoors for some hiking, trail running, or cycling.

I'm passionate about


I like to indulge my curiosity. I savour new experiences, learning new skills, making discoveries, and getting totally lost once and a while.


Whether physical or virtual, I find great satisfaction in making things. It gives me opportunities to exercise my creativity, solve interesting problems, and learn new skills.


I enjoy finding new solutions to problems, simpler methods of accomplishing objectives, and better ways to convey information. My goal is to advance the status quo.

Idle curiosity is the enemy of a quiet life.

My skills


Accounting isn't just about numbers, it's about clearly explaining how and why those numbers matter. I take numbers, provide them with meaning, and then determine what actions should be taken.


In addition to experience using standard desktop software, I also have experience in web and database administration. Using a broad tool set allows me to build scalable and efficient reporting solutions.


Financial information doesn't need to be ugly and / or unintelligible. In all my work I try to convey information in a way that's accurate, understandable, and easy on the eyes.

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For an overview of what I've been doing, please see my resume.

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