Sean Carney

Some people collect stamps,
I collect hobbies.

I am Sean Carney, pleased to meet you!


A Little About Me

Professionally, I am a Chartered Accountant and have worked in the accounting field for more than six years. My career began in financial reporting and the research & interpretation of accounting standards. From there I have shifted my focus to data intelligence, financial analysis, and information systems.

Outside of work my interests include photography, electronics, web design, trail running, and cycling. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where I can appreciate a flat horizon.

I'm Passionate About


I like to indulge my curiosity. I savour new experiences, learning new skills, making discoveries, and getting totally lost once and a while.


Whether physical or virtual, I find great satisfaction in making things. It gives me opportunities to exercise my creativity, solve interesting problems, and learn new skills.


I enjoy finding new solutions to problems, simpler methods of accomplishing objectives, and better ways to convey information. I like to advance the status quo.

Idle curiosity is the enemy
of a quiet life.

My Skills


Accounting isn't just about numbers, it's about clearly explaining how and why those numbers matter. I take numbers, provide them with meaning, and then determine what actions should be taken.


In addition to experience using standard desktop software, I also have experience in web and database administration. Using a broad tool set allows me to build scalable and efficient reporting solutions.


Financial information doesn't need to be ugly and / or unintelligible. In all my work I try to convey information in a way that's accurate, understandable, and easy on the eyes.

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For more information on my work experience and education, please see my resume.

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