The Clone Sean Project

I've now have had a presence on the Internet for well over a decade. In 2002 I published one of my first serious efforts, The Clone Sean Project. The Clone Sean Project was a blog of manipulated images with a loose story wrapped around it. It received 10 updates over the course of a year, which was a pretty good run. While I've changed domains and redesigned my website many times of the years, I've always tried to keep it online. For the sake of historical preservation, here is the Clone Sean Project:

Reflections on the Barbot

Besides being the best looking project of mine in a while, the Barbot also has some pretty neat functionality. One of the most interesting parts of a project is working out how to turn whatever I imagined into reality. I learn how to use some new hardware and software, and along the way, I get to give my problem solving skills a good workout. Here are a few things that I learned or that otherwise caught my attention while working on the Barbot:

Stopping the Digital Arms Trade

Today I found an interesting and well designed site which threatens to expose some dirty secrets of large technology companies. Stop Digital Arms Trade is a European site which aims to educate the public that the majority of technology used in repressive regimes is off the shelf components sold by large technology companies. When a country decides to electronically track/censor/suppress its citizens, these technology companies profit off of that human rights violation.

My Introduction to Cyclocross

It's fall, and in the world of cycling fall means only one thing; cyclocross season. The keener readers among you might remember that competing in a cyclocross race was one of my new year's resolutions for 2013. This weekend I made good on that resolution by visiting Altona to participate in Southern Cross. It was the perfect opportunity to combine my love of cycling, running and portaging all in one event.

A First Look at Ubuntu Touch

Today marks the release of Ubuntu 13.10 which now includes Ubuntu Touch, Ubuntu's new operating system for smart phones and tablets. I've been following the development of Ubuntu Touch for several months so I thought this would be an appropriate time to offer my thoughts on this new development.

25 Date Ideas from XKCD

This list was formerly on my website but was removed this winter when I did a major redesign. Ever since then it has been a major cause of 404 errors due to the fact that it continues to draw a lot of traffic. Today I received a message specifically asking for a copy of the list, so I have finally decided to concede defeat and repost it.

Back by popular demand: the list of date ideas which may (or may not) have originated from Randal Munroe.

Take the Train!

Having purchased a ticket to see my all-time-favourite band Godspeed You! Black Emperor in Vancouver, my thoughts turned to how I would get there almost immediately. The concert was in the middle of the week, so I had enough time to get creative. Since paddling to Vancouver involves portaging across a major mountain range and cycling would take a little bit too long, I decided to travel like a brute and take the train.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor Live in Concert

Not content to wait until Godspeed You! Black Emperor announces more Canadian tour dates (or packs up and announces another eight year hiatus), I decided to buy a ticket to the closest show (in Vancouver) and make this happen. At last it was time to finally see my favourite band live in concert and also stroke another item off the bucket list.

Who's a Dirty Donkey?

Seeing as it's already mid-August, I decided to register for the Dirty Donkey mud run so I could finally clear one item off of my 2013 resolutions. My thoughts at the time were along the lines of "At least I can clear the easy stuff of off my resolution list!". Normally at this point you're probably expecting me say something to indicate that it wasn't so easy in practice, but in this case I'm pleased to report that it wasn't too bad.

Celebrating One Year of Uptime

Today marks a special day (if only for nerds like me). My long-suffering web server has now been online and running for a full year without any interruption. One full year without crashing or rebooting; but most importantly, one full year without requiring my physical intervention. Like a battery powered toy rabbit, it just keeps going, and going, and going...